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Waterproof Anti-fog Myopia Swimming Goggles Opt6100

Waterproof Anti-fog Myopia Swimming Goggles Opt6100

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These Waterproof Anti-fog Myopia Swimming Goggles Opt6100 are designed for comfort and clarity in the pool. The anti-fog feature ensures a clear view underwater, while the waterproof design prevents water from entering the goggles. With a myopia feature, these goggles are perfect for anyone with nearsightedness. Swim with confidence and clarity with these high-quality goggles.

Product information:
Color: size introduction, in order to prevent damage and timely delivery, everyone should try to shoot by box, gray 150 degrees, Gray 200 degrees, gray 250 degrees, gray 300 degrees, gray 350 degrees, gray 400 degrees, gray 450 degrees, gray 500 degrees, gray 550 degrees, gray 600 degrees, gray 700 degrees, gray 800 Degrees, gray 900 degrees, black 150 degrees, black 200 degrees, black 250 degrees, black 300 degrees, black 350 degrees, black 400 degrees, black 450 degrees, black 500 degrees, black 550 degrees, black 600 degrees, black 700 degrees, black 800 Degrees, black 900 degrees
Product material: mirror anti-fog, anti-UV
Lens material: PC

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Swimming goggles + accessories

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