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Microphone Karaoke Machine Bluetooth Speaker With 2 Wireless Mic RGB Light Home Family Singing Speaker

Microphone Karaoke Machine Bluetooth Speaker With 2 Wireless Mic RGB Light Home Family Singing Speaker

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Experience crystal clear audio and elevate your karaoke nights with our Microphone Karaoke Machine Bluetooth Speaker. With 2 wireless mics and built-in RGB lighting, this speaker is perfect for family singing sessions. Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience that will bring your home to life.


Dual Microphone Karaoke Machine: Enjoy singing with friends and family with two wireless microphones included.

Portable System: Take your karaoke party anywhere with this portable speaker system.
3D Surround Sound Mode: Experience high-quality sound with the 3D surround sound mode.
Bluetooth PA Speaker: Connect your device to the speaker via Bluetooth for a seamless audio experience.

Family Fun: Ideal for family gatherings and parties, providing a fun and interactive way for everyone to participate and enjoy singing together.

Versatile Use: Suitable for all ages, making it a great addition for both children's parties and adult get-togethers.

Wireless Microphones: The inclusion of 2 wireless microphones allows for easy movement and interaction without the hassle of tangled wires, enhancing the singing experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Enables easy pairing with smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices for streaming music and karaoke tracks.

Bluetooth Speaker: Provides clear and powerful sound, enhancing the overall audio experience whether you're singing karaoke, listening to music, or making announcements.

Built-in Audio Controls: Often comes with adjustable audio settings such as volume, echo, and bass, allowing you to customize the sound to your preference.

RGB Lights: Built-in RGB lights create a vibrant and festive atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience and making it feel more like a professional karaoke session.

Mood Setting: The lights can be adjusted to match the mood of the event, adding a visually appealing element to the performance.

Compact Design: Typically designed to be portable and easy to carry, making it convenient to move and set up in different locations within your home or even take to outdoor events.

Rechargeable Battery: Many models come with a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing for use without being tethered to a power outlet, providing flexibility for use anywhere.

Group Participation: Encourages group participation and interaction, making it a great tool for breaking the ice and fostering a sense of community and fun among family and friends.

Duet Capability: The two microphones allow for duet performances, adding a layer of enjoyment and collaboration in singing activities.

Multiple Functions: Can be used not just for karaoke but also as a Bluetooth speaker for music playback, a PA system for announcements, or even for practice and recording sessions for aspiring singers.

Wide Range of Applications: Perfect for various events such as birthday parties, family reunions, holidays, and casual weekend gatherings.

User-Friendly: Designed to be easy to set up and use, often with intuitive controls and minimal setup requirements, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Quick Pairing: Bluetooth connectivity typically allows for quick and easy pairing with devices, so you can start singing or playing music without lengthy setup times.

Voice Training: This can be used for practicing singing and improving vocal skills, making it a useful tool for aspiring singers and music enthusiasts.

Confidence Building: Helps build confidence in public speaking and performing in front of an audience, especially for children and shy individuals.

All-in-One Solution: Combines the functionality of a microphone, speaker, and light show in one device, providing excellent value for money by eliminating the need for multiple separate devices.

Overall, a Microphone Karaoke Machine with Bluetooth Speaker, 2 Wireless Mics, and RGB Light is a versatile and enjoyable addition to any home, enhancing entertainment, social interaction, and musical experiences for the entire family.

Product information:
Frequency range: 100HZ-20KHZ
Rated Voltage: 5
Applicable object: Household
Rated Power: 6
Specifications: Y1 pink single wheat, Y1 White single wheat, K12 pink single wheat, K12 White single wheat, K12 blue single wheat, Y1 pink double wheat, Y1 white double wheat, K12 pink double wheat, k12 white double wheat, K12 blue double wheat

Packing list:

Speaker+instructions+charging cable+ 2 microphones

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