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Dog Nail Grinder Electric Pet Nail Trimmers Rechargeable Cat Nail Grinders Super Quiet With 5-Speed Setting For Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Claw Care Pet Products

Dog Nail Grinder Electric Pet Nail Trimmers Rechargeable Cat Nail Grinders Super Quiet With 5-Speed Setting For Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Claw Care Pet Products

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Effortlessly trim your pet's nails with our Dog Nail Grinder. Our electric trimmer is rechargeable and super quiet, making grooming a stress-free experience for you and your furry friend. With 5-speed settings, it's perfect for all types and sizes of dogs and cats, ensuring optimal claw care.


Safe, Effective & Precise: The dog nail grinder features a low-noise motor and advanced diamond bit grinder, ensuring precise and pain-free nail trimming. The protective cap prevents over-cutting and protects your pet's sensitive nail beds. Your pet's paws will thank you for the gentle care!

Advanced 5-Speed Settings & 3 Grinding Ports: The dog nail trimmers offer an adjustable design with low-high speed options, providing powerful support for heavy grinding; the dog nail trimmer features three ports specifically designed to match the needs of small, medium, or large pets. Simply choose the appropriate port and speed based on your pet's size and the hardness of their nails.

Super Quiet & Low Vibration: With a noise level lower than 45dB and minimal vibration, this pet nail grinder ensures a calm and soothing grooming session for your furry friend. No more fear or anxiety caused by loud noises and excessive vibrations!

Rechargeable & Portable: The electric dog nail trimmer is designed for convenience with its cordless functionality, making it easily rechargeable. It features an indicator light located at the bottom, providing a clear charging status update. With each dog nail filer electric equipped with a built-in 1200mAh battery, you can enjoy up to 11 hours of continuous use after a full charge.

LED Light for Enhanced Visibility: Equipped with a built-in LED light, this nail grinder for dogs quiet ensures superior visibility, enabling you to clearly see your pet's blood vessels and avoid the risk of over-grinding. With this enhanced visibility, you can confidently trim your pet's nails with precision, even in low-light conditions, ensuring their safety and comfort.


Product information:
Specifications: dark green, sky blue, pure white, girl pink
Material: Plastic
Applicable object: Dog

Gentle Trimming: Electric nail grinders are generally safer and more precise than traditional clippers. They reduce the risk of cutting the quick (the sensitive part of the nail that contains blood vessels) and causing pain or bleeding.

Smooth Edges: Grinders smooth out the edges of the nails, preventing rough or jagged ends that can snag on carpets or fabrics.

Super Quiet Operation: A quiet motor helps minimize the noise, reducing stress and anxiety for pets who may be frightened by loud sounds, making the nail trimming experience more comfortable.

Gentle Vibration: The gentle vibration is less likely to scare pets compared to the sudden, forceful action of clippers.

5-Speed Settings: The adjustable speed settings allow you to choose the right level of power for your pet’s nail thickness and sensitivity. Lower speeds are ideal for small or sensitive pets, while higher speeds are suitable for larger or thicker nails.

Versatility: Suitable for pets of various sizes and nail types, including small, medium, and large dogs, as well as cats.

USB Charging: Rechargeable via USB, offering convenience and compatibility with various power sources like power banks, laptops, and car chargers. This ensures that the grinder is always ready to use.

Portable: Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, making it ideal for use at home or while traveling.

User-Friendly Design: Typically features an ergonomic design for comfortable handling, reducing hand fatigue during longer grooming sessions.

Clear Instructions: Often comes with clear instructions and guides to help pet owners use the device effectively and safely.

Nail Dust Collection: Some models include a nail dust collection feature to capture the debris, keeping your grooming area cleaner.

Easy to Clean: Removable grinding heads and components can be easily cleaned, ensuring hygiene and preventing the buildup of nail dust.

Saves on Grooming Costs: Using a nail grinder at home can save money on professional grooming services over time.

Durable: Built with high-quality materials, providing long-lasting use and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Regular Maintenance: Encourages regular nail maintenance, which is important for pet health. Overgrown nails can cause discomfort, affect walking, and lead to other health issues.

Prevents Injuries: Well-maintained nails prevent pets from scratching themselves excessively and potentially causing injuries.

Grooming Bonding: Grooming sessions can be a bonding experience between pets and owners, improving trust and companionship.

Positive Reinforcement: Using a calm and quiet tool can help reinforce positive behavior during grooming sessions, making future sessions easier.

Multi-Pet Use: Suitable for use on various pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals, making it a versatile tool for households with multiple pets.

Multiple Attachments: Often comes with different grinding heads or attachments for different nail types and sizes, enhancing its versatility.

In summary, an Electric Dog Nail Grinder with rechargeable, super-quiet operation and multiple speed settings provides a safe, convenient, and stress-free solution for pet nail care. It offers numerous benefits, including precision trimming, reduced pet anxiety, ease of use, and cost savings, making it an excellent choice for maintaining the health and well-being of pets.

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1*Pet Nail Piercing Device

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