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Car Phone Holder Long Rod Telescopic Car Dashboard Suction Cup Type

Car Phone Holder Long Rod Telescopic Car Dashboard Suction Cup Type

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Efficiently secure your phone while on the go with our Car Phone Holder. With a long rod and telescopic design, it easily adjusts to fit different phone sizes. The strong suction cup attaches to your car's dashboard, ensuring stability and hands-free accessibility. Keep your device safe and within reach.

Fully adjustable with 360-degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape views.
Easy one-touch mounting system locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger.
Super sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces (including textured surfaces), yet is still easily removable.
The stickiness of the suction cup is infinite, just rinse with warm water and let air dry, restoring the gel pad to like-new condition.
It includes a new two-step locking lever that ensures your mount can be used on different surfaces.
The first locking position can be used for flat, smooth surfaces, while the second locking position can be used on curvy textured surfaces that may require more grip.
This also offers a telescopic arm that extends up to 2 additional inches to provide you with even more viewing options when using your mount, also provides a new sliding bottom foot.
Whether a skin or a case protects your phone, the Car Mount grips securely onto your device so you can drive confidently. 

Hands-Free Operation: Allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road by securely holding the phone in an accessible location for hands-free calls, GPS navigation, and music control.

Reduced Distractions: Minimizes the need to fumble with the phone while driving, reducing distractions and improving overall driving safety.

Adjustable Viewing Angles: The telescopic rod and rotating head allow for flexible positioning, ensuring the phone can be placed at the optimal angle and distance for easy viewing and operation.

Telescopic Arm: The extendable arm provides additional reach, making it easy to position the phone closer or further away as needed.

Suction Cup Attachment: The strong suction cup adheres firmly to the dashboard or windshield, providing a stable and secure mount for the phone even on bumpy roads.

Anti-Shake Design: Many models feature anti-shake technology, ensuring that the phone remains steady and readable during the drive.

Quick Installation: Easy to install and remove, allowing for quick setup without the need for tools or permanent fixtures.

One-Hand Operation: Designed for easy one-hand operation, making it simple to mount and remove the phone with minimal effort.

Fits Most Phones: Adjustable brackets and clamps accommodate a wide range of phone sizes and models, including both small smartphones and larger devices.

Case-Friendly: Designed to hold phones with or without cases, providing versatility for different preferences.

360-Degree Rotation: The holder's ability to rotate 360 degrees allows for both portrait and landscape orientations, accommodating different needs such as GPS navigation (landscape) and calling or music controls (portrait).

Extendable Arm: The telescopic arm can be extended to bring the phone closer to the driver, enhancing accessibility and reducing strain.

Suction Cup Gel Pad: Many holders come with a gel pad on the suction cup that not only provides a strong grip but also protects the dashboard surface from scratches and damage.

Heat Resistance: High-quality suction cups and materials are often heat-resistant, ensuring the holder remains securely attached even in hot weather conditions.

Flexible Mounting Options: Can be used on the dashboard, windshield, or even other flat surfaces outside of the car, providing versatility for various uses.

Suitable for Other Devices: Besides phones, the holder can often accommodate GPS devices, MP3 players, and other small gadgets.

Clear Visibility: By positioning the phone at eye level, the holder ensures that navigation apps are easily visible, reducing the need to look down and thus promoting safer driving.

Sleek Appearance: Modern designs are often sleek and unobtrusive, blending seamlessly with the car’s interior.

Compact Storage: The telescopic design allows the holder to be compact when not in use, reducing clutter on the dashboard.

Portable: Easy to transfer between different vehicles, making it a convenient accessory for families with multiple cars or for rental cars during travel.

Stable Viewing Platform: Provides a stable platform for watching videos or using apps during rest breaks on long trips.

In summary, a car phone holder with a long rod telescopic design and a suction cup offers significant benefits in terms of safety, convenience, versatility, and functionality. It enhances the driving experience by providing a secure and adjustable mounting solution for smartphones, ensuring that important functions like navigation and communication are easily accessible while keeping the driver focused on the road.

Material: ABS
Color: Yellow, Black
Suitable for:3.5-7 inch devices

Package Content:
1 X Phone Holder  



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