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Automatic Paper Money Piggy Bank Gift Money Box Safe

Automatic Paper Money Piggy Bank Gift Money Box Safe

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This Automatic Paper Money Piggy Bank Gift Money Box Safe is perfect for teaching kids to save money. With its automatic feeding feature, it makes saving fun and convenient. It also serves as a safe way to store money for any age group.

"My own cash box" guards my things.
It looks like a toy and is a small suitcase for financial management. Using your own password and voice, you can save money and set savings goals and plan finances.
This can be used to store toys, jewelry, passbooks, etc. The locked coins can be coins, if small money is fine, or paper money.


Convenience: Automatic paper money piggy banks make it easy to save money. They automate the process of depositing money, eliminating the need to manually insert coins or bills.

Encourages Saving: Piggy banks are a traditional tool for teaching children about the value of saving money. An automatic version adds an element of fun and convenience, which can further encourage saving habits.

Security: The safe feature adds an extra layer of security for the stored money. Automatic piggy banks often come with password protection or other security features to keep the deposited money safe from theft or unauthorized access.

Gift Idea: Automatic paper money piggy banks make for unique and practical gifts, especially for children or individuals who are learning to manage their finances.

Educational: Using an automatic piggy bank can be a fun way to teach children about money management, budgeting, and the importance of saving for the future.

Promotes Financial Literacy: By engaging with an automatic piggy bank, users can develop a better understanding of financial concepts such as saving, budgeting, and setting financial goals.

Motivation: Seeing the money accumulate automatically can serve as motivation to continue saving and even to save more aggressively.

Overall, an automatic paper money piggy bank gift money box safe can be a valuable tool for individuals of all ages looking to cultivate better saving habits and improve their financial literacy.

Product information:
Material: ABS
Product size: 19x13.5x13cm/7.48x5.31x5.12"
Packing size: 20.5*14.5*14.5cm/8.07*5.71*5.71"

Please install the battery before use. 3 "AA" batteries.
1. Use a new battery and recommend the size and specifications of the piggy bank
2. Do not mix old and new batteries.
3. Do not mix with other types of batteries, and alkaline batteries cannot be used.
4. If you plan to use the piggy bank for several weeks, remove the battery. Because the chemical substances leaking from the battery can damage the electronic parts.
To enter the piggy bank, you must first enter a four-digit password. The default password of the safe is: 0
Follow the steps below to open the safe.
Enter a 4-digit password and the green light is on. If you enter the wrong password, the red light will go out and a "try again" sound will tell you.
Turn the knob clockwise and pull the door open. The green light will last about 10 seconds, and you will see the buzzer turn on. If the door is opened for more than 10 seconds, the green light will go out and a beep will sound every 20 seconds. Stop the beeping and close the door.
Put the banknotes into the piggy bank, and the banknotes can be input directly. Then you can withdraw money directly based on the password.
When finished, close the door and lock it properly.
To obtain the password, follow these steps:
Enter the current password (the default is 0000) and open the safe door.
Press the "*" key, the green light and red light will flash.
Enter the new 4-digit password within 15 seconds, and then press to confirm the new password. The two lights flashed.

If the new password is not entered within 15 seconds, the program will stop and the program must be started.
Release the * button and close the door. Prompt tone or voice input the current password and open the door.
Push the switch (rear door) to the left or right to press the prompt tone or speak.

Packing list:
Automatic piggy bank*1

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