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360 Rotate Universal Spill-proof Bowl Dishes

360 Rotate Universal Spill-proof Bowl Dishes

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Discover a new level of mealtime convenience with our 360 Rotate Universal Spill-proof Bowl Dishes. With its innovative design, this bowl rotates 360 degrees, keeping food in place and reducing spills. Perfect for busy families, this bowl saves time and hassle while feeding your little ones.


The inner bowl rotates 360 degrees.

virtually indestructible.

Save time, less cleaning.

Dishwasher safe on the top rack.


Mess Reduction: The design minimizes spills, keeping floors, tables, and car seats clean.

Less Cleanup: Parents spend less time cleaning up after meals and snacks.

Easy to Use: Designed for small hands, making it easier for children to handle without spilling.

Encourages Independence: Allows kids to self-feed with less mess, fostering independence.

Portable: Ideal for travel, car rides, picnics, and outings, as it prevents spills on the go.

Durable and Lightweight: Made from sturdy materials, the bowl is easy to carry and withstands drops and rough handling.


360-Degree Rotation: The inner bowl rotates to stay upright, even if the outer bowl is tilted or turned, preventing spills from most angles.

Lid Option: Many models come with a lid for storing food or keeping it fresh.

BPA-Free Materials: Made from safe, non-toxic materials, ensuring food safety for children.

Easy to Clean: Often dishwasher-safe, making cleaning simple and thorough.

Multi-Purpose: Suitable for snacks, cereal, fruits, and even small toys or craft supplies.

Age-Appropriate: While perfect for toddlers and young children, it's also useful for older kids and adults in certain situations, like eating in a moving vehicle.

Mindful Eating: Encourages kids to eat more carefully and mindfully, reducing waste.

Less Frustration: Reduces the frustration of frequent spills for both parents and children.


Reduces Waste: Preventing spills can save money on wasted food and cleaning supplies.

Durability: Long-lasting and robust, offering good value for money.

Less Stressful: Makes mealtime more enjoyable for both parents and children without worrying about constant spills.

Focus on Eating: Kids can focus more on eating rather than the bowl's stability.

Learning Aid: Can be used to teach children about balance and physics in a fun, practical way.

In summary, the 360 Rotate Universal Spill-Proof Bowl is a practical, child-friendly, and convenient solution that offers numerous benefits. It reduces mess, promotes independence, ensures safety, and enhances the overall mealtime experience for both children and adults.



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Type: Dinnerware

Material: Environmental Friendly PP

Pattern Type: Patchwork

Style: Creative

Shape: Irregular shape

Microwave oven: not available

Applicable scene: meals

Color: red, green, blue

Size:17*17*7 cm

Inside Bowl Diameter: 9cm

Age Group: Babies

Package Content

1 x Bowl




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