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2024 New 6 In 1 Smart Remote Control Bluetooth Ambience Intelligent LED Table Lamp Multi-function Wireless Charger Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

2024 New 6 In 1 Smart Remote Control Bluetooth Ambience Intelligent LED Table Lamp Multi-function Wireless Charger Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

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Discover the convenience and versatility of our 2024 New 6 In 1 Smart Table Lamp. With remote control, Bluetooth capabilities, wireless charging, and more, you'll easily transform any space into the perfect ambience. Enjoy the benefits of intelligent LED lighting, a night light, and a Bluetooth speaker all in one sleek and modern design. Upgrade your workspace or home today.


【 6 in 1 function】:  6 in 1 multi-function wireless charging atmosphere light, with 15W wireless fast charging, Bluetooth audio, clock, alarm clock, temperature, 19 lighting modes, specially designed Apple fashion appearance.
【 Wireless fast charging】:  LED night lamps have 15W wireless charging function, which needs to be connected to the power supply. You can charge your phone and watch at the same time by placing them on the light, no winding wires, just place your device on the charging pad and it will start charging.
【 Bluetooth speaker 】:  Built-in Bluetooth speaker, one-click link Bluetooth, provides high-quality sound. You can easily connect the device to the speakers and enjoy your favorite music with crystal-clear sound.
【 Soft warm light and brilliant color light】:  Long press the light button to open the RGB light mode, the light switch function allows you to switch 19 kinds of light modes, there are soft warm light and gorgeous flowered light, which can be used with various occasions.
【 Perfect decoration and gift】:  Purchase lamp and get 1* lamp with wireless charger and speaker, 1* Type c charging cable, 1* smart remote control (without battery), 1* color box packaging. Perfect for birthday/holiday gifts.
【 Note】:  This product has no built-in battery, and needs to be used with a plug of more than 36W to reach the machine power. If the actual power is not reached, the machine cannot support the simultaneous use of all functions. The remote is equipped with 2 AAA batteries.

LED Table Lamp: Provides adjustable lighting, making it suitable for reading, working, or creating a cozy ambiance.

Wireless Charger: Allows you to charge your compatible devices without the need for cables, reducing clutter and improving convenience.

Night Light: Offers a gentle, soothing light for nighttime use, helping to create a calming atmosphere for better sleep.

Bluetooth Speaker: Plays music wirelessly from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, enhancing your auditory experience.

Ambience Lighting: Can change colors and brightness levels to match your mood or setting, perfect for setting the right ambiance.

Remote Control: Enables you to control all these features easily from a distance, adding convenience and flexibility.

Space-Saving Design: Combines multiple devices into one compact unit, saving space on your desk or bedside table.

Enhanced Convenience: Integrates several functions into a single device, reducing the need for multiple gadgets and simplifying your living space.

Aesthetic Appeal: Modern and sleek design that can complement any room decor, adding both functionality and style to your home.

Adjustable Brightness: Allows you to set the perfect level of brightness for any activity.

Color Options: Offers various color settings to match your mood or the time of day, making it versatile for different scenarios.

Improved Sleep Quality: The night light feature can help create a relaxing environment, aiding in better sleep by providing a gentle light that is easy on the eyes.

Enhanced Audio Experience: The Bluetooth speaker function enables high-quality sound for music, podcasts, or audiobooks, making it a versatile addition to your home entertainment system.

Ease of Use: The remote control feature makes it simple to operate all functions from a distance, providing convenience and ease of use.

Efficient Charging: The wireless charging pad ensures your devices are charged efficiently without the hassle of tangled wires, keeping your space organized and tidy.

Smart Features: Potential integration with other smart home systems for enhanced control and automation, providing a seamless experience.

Overall, the 2024 New 6 In 1 Smart Remote Control Bluetooth Ambience Intelligent LED Table Lamp is a versatile and practical device that offers a combination of essential functions in one stylish package, enhancing convenience, efficiency, and aesthetics in your home.

Product information:
Color: white, white American PD head, white British PD head, white European PD head, black, black us PD head, black British PD head, black European PD head, pink, pink American PD head, pink British PD head, pink European PD head
Charging protocol: PD
Digital Display or not: Yes
Output Current: 25W
Maximum output power: 30W
Applicable type of charger: direct charging
Total power: 30W
Output power: 25W

Packing list:
1*Wireless Charger
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